The 5 Essential Insurance Coverage In A New Car

Undoubtedly, for any driver will be more entertaining decide which car insurance purchase you consider what is best for your new vehicle. However, one thing is linked to the other, it is that if the user does not succeed in hiring your car insurance, you can lose a lot of money if they suffer a loss.
Beyond the particularities of each, ranging from the economic capacity of each driver to the type of vehicle you purchased, there are some coverages that we consider essential for any new car and that we will detail.

1. Travel assistance
Travel assistance is coverage that incorporate the vast majority of car insurance with Third Party Basic Compulsory Liability (the only coverage forced recruitment under the Act).
If it is included in the Basic Third of most insurers is because the fact cater to your customer when a malfunction, or any other circumstances, prevent the car can continue to run, it is in the nature of any car insurance. However, this support service will be more or less completely depending on each company.
Keep in mind that Travel Assistance serves on the one hand to the vehicle and on the other, the person. In the case of the person it will deal, for example, to provide an alternative means of transportation for the customer to reach their destination after an accident / breakdown. However, some companies will provide this service from kilometer 0 (from the same address stated in the policy), but others will from kilometer 15 and other from 25. Similarly, it can happen that the travel assistance is provided from kilometer 0 in case of an accident but from the tenth kilometer in case of failure.
In the case of the vehicle, although virtually all insurance companies provide for assistance from kilometer 0, this service may be limited to tow the car and not cover common issues that would prevent the transfer of the vehicle as lack of fuel, puncture a tire, lost keys or the battery. With regard to the latter point, it may be the case that an insurance includes travel assistance from kilometer 0.5, so that would not be covered if, for example, you leave the lights on at night and when you go to start the vehicle in the morning, no battery.
Finally, in case of a breakdown or accident suffering required to leave the car in the shop for several days, it is useful to know whether the travel assistance coverage includes the replacement vehicle. Being a very expensive service for companies, almost no it includes it in its basic policy, although it is possible for a small extra cost to hire.
Key aspects to rate this coverage
• From what assistance is provided kilometer
When a comparative car insurance, the most important aspect is to know the limitations imposed by insurers to offer this service. While assisting the vehicle it is offered by almost all policies from km 0 (measured from your usual place of residence), to provide support services to people most insurers impose a minimum distance from home.
explanatory example:
Imagine that night back home and forget to turn off the lights. Live on the outskirts of the town and to catch the train on the way to your holiday the next morning, you have to move by car to the station. However, when you’re taking the car you realize that the battery is empty and the car will not start. Only an insurance with good coverage will pay the taxi to the train station.
• Are there covered the most common reasons preventing circulate a car?
Not always we request Travel Assistance service, it is because the car has a serious fault and must be towed to a garage for repair. In fact, most incidents attending support services companies car insurance, can be solved at the time.
Among the most common problems include:
• discharged battery: it is necessary to start the car with tweezers or mount a new battery
• lack of fuel: it is necessary to refuel the minimum to reach the next gas station
• tire puncture: it is necessary to put a spare tire
• loss of keys: a duplicate is required to start the car
• Is included a replacement vehicle?
The biggest problem of having an accident is that usually means we have to leave the car in the shop during the days of the repair.
Being able to provide a replacement vehicle during those days is one of the services most valued by users, since it makes much more bearable if the already negative experience of having an accident.
Unfortunately, this involves a significant cost coverage for insurers and so the vast majority, especially the specialized companies to offer cheap insurance and do not include in their standard policies. There are only a few policies on the market, offering this service within their conditioned.
explanatory example:
In a lane change you make too fast, it does not give you enough time to slow down and you crash into a vehicle that is stopped because of a traffic jam. The result is that your car has to spend five days in the shop for repairs.
If you have hired a basic policy during those five days you will have to take public transport to move from side to side, while a quality policy will put at your disposal a car during the repair period lasting.

2. Coverage Theft
Your car is new, and therefore can be quite greedy for “burglars”. Of course, the better (and more expensive) has been the car, the more likely it is that you suffer a possible theft. And we do not talk alone with the car, that too, but they can open it and take some of its accessories, such as radio equipment; or you steal the wheels; or even that you’re covered against a possible theft or attempted theft, which has caused damage to the bodywork or upholstery.
The truth is that it is more common theft of a new than the old one vehicle, so include this coverage in the insurance of your new car will be a smart move, especially considering that there is a significant increase in the price end of the policy.
From there, when making comparative insurance pays special attention to the services offered by this coverage. For example, almost all companies will cover vehicle damage by theft or attempted theft. However, in the case of total loss (theft of the vehicle), and although most insurers offer value again during the first two years, it is possible that some compensation with the market value (lower) from the outset or the second year. Also, an important aspect to check is whether the service includes coverage of non-standard accessories, because often these must be detailed in the policy and coverage will increase the price of it.
• Types of theft
The total theft refers to the removal of the complete vehicle. If this was your case, the insurer will consider it as a total loss and will have to compensate you with the value that is specified for each case, either new value, market value, or market value.
If, however, you have suffered theft has been part type, it means that you have stolen any of your vehicle accessories such as mirrors or other additional equipment you’ve added such as the trunk. Of course, if it is not standard accessories, so that the insurer takes over, you will have if any previously stated in the policy contract.
Finally, if what happened is that they have tried unsuccessfully to steal the car and has consequently suffered damage, the insurer shall be obliged to pay repair costs. A common example would be a forced lock or a broken window.
• Limits theft coverage
If you car is stolen, the insurer will want to know all the details to verify that you are not suffering any fraud. Although the consequences of theft are often the same, the circumstances in which it occurs are not. This last aspect is very important as the way in which the theft occurs can determine, in many cases, the insurer takes over or not damages. Some of the most common exclusions are theft or theft by people who have some link to the insured. If you want to avoid unexpected surprises, it is best that you check carefully the policy contract and you check the circumstances are excluded.
• difference between robbery and theft
Although theft and theft may look the same, there is a nuance between the two of you can depend on your insurance will pay the cost of the theft of your car or not. Not all insurance companies cover theft of your car. For this reason you should know what exactly differentiates both concepts.
Stealing is well oblivious subtract a violent and / or the use of force manner. Thus, if to take your car has broken a window, or you have made a bridge, you have been the victim of a robbery and your company will be obliged to compensate you for it.
If, however, you have left the keys in the car and someone has taken, which have suffered a theft. Although there has been a theft of the vehicle in both cases, if the insurer does not include the theft from their coverage, will consider negligence on your part and do not compensate.
• Theft family
Most companies do not usually cover theft or theft has occurred by a relative of the insured person or someone who is dependent on him or her employee. For example, if it is shown that the theft of your vehicle has committed someone close to you, or has been complicit in this, the insurer will not pay any compensation.
• What compensation is me?
The compensation provided by the insurer if a burglary is not the same as always, but varies depending on the age you have your car. Logically, the value of a vehicle is not the same if you bought 10 years if you’re brand new ago. To calculate the price of compensation companies value to distinguish between new, market value and market value.
• Value to new
It is the value that would have your car if you’ll buy new again, with taxes included and with the same characteristics as the car has been stolen. Normally insurers provide compensation for the value again until the vehicles meet the first year. After this time, it will give a lower value, so the amount of compensation will also be lower.
• Market value and market value
If your car has more than a year, as normal is that the insurance company will compensate the market value or the market value of the vehicle. If your insurer provides market value of your vehicle, compensation will be greater than if the value is the venal grants. The market value is the selling price of the vehicle. It refers to the money that you would get if you had decided to sell your car before it was stolen. Instead, the market value is the purchase price, which includes, in addition to the market value (sales price), taxes, fees and profit by selling the owner.
• What if my car appears and have already claimed compensation?
Sometimes it may happen that the company will be indemnified by stealing your car and after a while it appears. In that case, the vehicle no longer be yours, but belong to the insurer. If this happens, usually the company will offer the option to back, in exchange for returning the money you paid for it. If you choose this option, you should know that the insurer has an obligation to make reparation for all damage suffered by the car and return it in the same condition it was before the robbery occurred.
Theft coverage is included in all risk insurance (either with or without excess), but can also be, in certain Third Expanded insurance, and even hired as an additional coverage. If you have no garage, your car spends a lot of time on the street, or is new, this coverage provides you some peace of mind. However, inclusion in your insurance makes the premium is higher. If you’re thinking of doing, comparator insurance Rastreator helps you choose the best policy, without overpaying for it. Just fill in a form and insurance with the coverage you’re looking for the most competitive price will appear.

3. Coverage Fire
In this case, unlike theft, being a new car does not incur an increased risk of loss. However, recruitment is as convenient as to recover the money if they suffer the loss is much more important than the slight price increase involved include coverage in the policy.
This means that, in most cases, being a new vehicle, the insurer will indemnify worth again in case of partial or total damage. Not having this coverage contracted, if you have the misfortune of your car is affected by a fire without a third party to take the blame, your insurer is not liable and must bear the costs of repair for yourself.
Again, you should keep in mind that even if you hired coverage, many companies will not cover the accessories are not standard which have not been specifically declared when the insurance.
• The most frequent causes of fires in cars
First, you should know that a motor vehicle can be ignited by multiple factors, the most common is damage or loss in the motor supply system that carries fuel to the combustion chambers. In this case, if the fuel reaches some of the hot parts of the car, it could generate a flame resulting in a fire.
Another factor that can trigger a fire accidents are almost always because the vehicle overturns and the fuel tank being damaged ends. When the exhaust fuel reaches critical parts of the car, it can catch fire.
As you may have noticed, when talking of a possible fire, the tank and the fuel pump and injection system are the most dangerous parts of the car. Therefore it is recommended that if the vehicle has a few years, you carefully review these components from time to time, especially pipes through which the fuel, which are those most damaged.
Up to this point we have referred to acts of God that can cause a fire in the car but the fact is that in recent years the leading cause of fire in motor vehicles are vandalized. According to data published by the newspaper El País, in 2010 in Catalonia they had intentionally burned more than 2,000 vehicles. In addition, it has also increased the number of people who set fire to their cars in order to collect compensation that is supposed to pay them the insurance company.

4. Coverage Lunas
Next to theft and fire, Lunas is coverage that complements the Liability and Travel Assistance in Expanded Third Party insurance. Again, its value / price makes it one of the essential coverages for a new vehicle, since their cost is very low and, instead, allow the insurer pays compensation for damage caused to the windshield, side windows and rear window .
Also, this coverage includes labor workshop and in almost all cases, damage sunroof if it is a standard feature of the car.
• What is the coverage moons?
Moons coverage is one of the guarantees included in virtually all car insurance, except for the most basic insurance to third parties. It covers mainly the repair, installation or replacement of windscreens (windshields), side (windows) and rear (rear window) of the insured car.
Through this coverage the insurer is responsible for fixing damage the glass or the loss of those that originate in an instant, violent and cause independent of the will of the driver or the insured. But it is not always guarantee that activates when a moon is damaged. In the event that damage of a moon occur as a result of theft or fire, for example, be specific coverages theft or fire which cover it. Similarly, if breakage occurs as a result of a stroke at fault of the insured vehicle must be cover own damages, if any, which do meet the costs of repairing or replacing them. Repair of these elements, before break or once it occurs, is usually count for the customer as a part bonus purposes but always depends on the insurer. However, as a result of new needs that arise in users and their increased demand, insurers are increasingly protective of the moons guarantee a greater number of elements, such as the sunroof.
Sunroof, considered moons?
It is an element that must take into account when hiring a car insurance due to price, considerably high, which has its repair in case of breakage. Many companies include the sunroof in covering moons, along with the windshield, rear window and side windows. Of course, this must be an element that brings the vehicle fitted as standard, ie, that has not been placed by the owner after leaving the factory. Another possibility that the roof is covered by such coverage is that the policyholder declare it as an accessory, which provide some insurance option.
Other glass elements
In addition to the windows, windshield and rear window (labeled “moons” by most insurers elements) there are other elements that are made (in part or in full), crystals and can also be damaged. Headlights, turn signals and mirrors are 3 of the most important devices of a vehicle and have to be in perfect condition since they depend make driving as safe as possible. Although it is not unusual for these parts are covered by the moons coverage does exist some company that stands out from the rest in its conditioned specifying their insurance.
Where repair the moons?
The vast majority of insurers offer their customers the ability to take the car for repair to wishing or recommend the center would suit them and belonging, in most cases, to its network of repairers moons . Apart from these 2 options, there are other companies that offer their policyholders a home service repair, for example. With this service, they avoid having to move to a particular workshop or were even saves the discomfort of being several days without being able to use the vehicle as it will be a technician who go to the home of the insured or place where your car is located and repaired in a few hours.
What is not covered moons coverage?
Moons coverage presents a set of exclusions that specify the vast majority of companies in the contract as there are certain situations or damage that are not usually covered by insurance.
• Main exclusions
As clarified in the conditions of the policy, coverage moons cover repair or replacement of certain components of the car. So if the parts can not be replaced or repaired or the insurance may not indemnify the insured financially. Other damages that are not usually covered are:
Cosmetic damage or
The damage caused by scratches, chips, traces of impact or other marks that only result in aesthetic defects in the moons and therefore do not lead to breakage of these and do not prevent normal visibility, not usually covered by this guarantee. As well as those arising from the use of the insured car and / or time.
or elements that are not standard
Solar, practicable or sunroofs which have not been fitted as standard are usually excluded from coverage. In addition, other parts are unprotected produced with crystals, optical or glass or plastic lampshades, unless otherwise specified in the insurance contract. A curious case is, for example, mirrors (exterior and interior), elements that are usually excluded in most coverages moons.
or trailer Lunas
When the insured vehicle is a trailer can it, in any way, be included in the same insurance. Well, in most cases cover these vehicles moons not so, if the moons suffered damage, the insurance would not be obliged to take care of repair or replacement extends.

5. Own Damage
You know own damage coverage stands for comprehensive insurance, which in turn is usually antonym of cheap car insurance. Based on this premise, in the case of a new car, the cheap can be expensive.
Indeed, unlike in the case of Lunas, Fire and Theft, including own damage in the policy itself it is a significant increase in the price of it. Also, keep in mind that this coverage faces vehicle damage not attributable to other coverage, so if you damage your car related to fire, theft or breakage of glass, they would be covered even without having a comprehensive insurance. So why hire Own damage?
Although you consider yourself a good driver, you can eventually suffer an accident in which you’re guilty and only this coverage would face repair costs. Moreover, in case of total loss, being a new vehicle, virtually all insurers will indemnify worth again the first year and many of them also in the second.
On the other hand, if you want to save money on comprehensive insurance, you can include a franchise, which will reduce the price of the policy but will force you to face some of the repair. Of course, if you do, remember that many insurers divide the vehicle into five parts: front, rear, left, right and roof.

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